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Peer positive experiences and educational

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corporate world. PEER (positive experiences and educational relationships) is a school program I have been actively involved in for the past two years. This program provides children in local schools the opportunity to have a high school mentor help develop necessary skills to be successful in their own school and community. The beauty of this program provides not only the mentee the opportunity to learn and be successful but it also gives me the opportunity for me to be successful as I develop my skills for the business world. However over the years this organization has moved in a different direction which has been hard for everyone. As a result of this, I have had to use my leadership skills acquired throughout my experiences in order to make the situation the best that it can possibly be. Choices in life are extremely important, we live with the outcome of everything we give and take in this world. Through partaking in many leadership activities and experiences I believe that I have obtained the ability to not only help myself, but help others work towards their goals. Alike this will help contribute to the well being of society as a whole, which I feel is beneficial to the common good. I feel by pursuing my passion of one day becoming a business leader I will be able to enjoy the path that I will create for myself to the fullest regardless of economic times or family issues.
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