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MIS 235 Chapter 6

Public switched data network psdn o a network of

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Public Switched Data Network (PSDN) o A network of computers and leased lines that is developed and maintained by a vendor that leases time on the network to other organizations. Criteria for Comparing WANs o Cost, performance, other (huge table, figure 6-13 on page 133) How Does Encryption Work? o Encryption – the process of transforming clear text into coded, unintelligible text for secure storage or communication o HTTPS – hypertext transfer protocol secure…a secure internet connection o Encryption works when someone puts in encrypted coding and makes it so that only people who know exactly how to access the information can access it; its incredibly difficult for people who aren’t supposed to know about the information to access it. What Is the Purpose of a Firewall? o Firewall – a computing device that prevents unauthorized network access. o Perimeter firewall – sits outside the organizational network (it is the first device that internet traffic encounters) o Internal firewall – sits inside the organizational network o Packet-filtering firewall – examines each part of a message and determines whether to let that part pass. (refer to figure 6-15 page 136) What Is a VPN, and Why Is It Important? o VPN – virtual private network, uses the Internet or a private Internet to create the appearance of private point-to-point connections. A Typical VPN o Tunnel – a virtual, private pathway over a public or shared network from the VPN client to the VPN server. (refer to figure 6-16 page 137)
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