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Describe other critical water uses liquefaction and

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just seen, water molecules are important to hydrolytic reactions critical to digestion. Describe other critical water uses. Liquefaction and  Transport:  in the canal water helps liquefy foodstuffs Secretion Transport:   accessory digestive organs Nutrient Absorption:  water plays an important role in the absorbing of nutrients. 7. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid. How is HCl critical to the following? Pepsin (a  gastric enzyme):   alters the globular shape of proteins to promote production of pepsin Proteins:  alters the globular shape of proteins to promote the destruction of microbial proteins 8. Describe the following  regarding bile.  Source (organ):  produced by the liver Molecular structure:  mostly bile salts (produced by cholesterol) and water Primary function:  emulsification of fatty globules Emulsification need:  breaks down fatty molecules by lipase enzymes 9. Describe bicarbonate functions. Intestinal  protection:  Bicarbonate is secreted in the intestine to buffer the acidic chyme from the stomach and protect intestinal mucosa   Intestinal enzymes: Bicarbonate is secreted in the intestine to promote an alkaline PH level in the small intestine to create a proper environment for intestinal enzymes to function normally
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