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s110 study guide 2

Lane online stat book make sure youve read the

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does not have everyone’s address, know that we call that “non-coverage” bias). Lane (Online Stat Book): Make sure you’ve read the assigned pages (see syllabus). Pay particular attention to points from the book that are brought up in class. OnCourse readings: Make sure you know what each sampling technique entails and be able to categorize each technique as probability or non-probability and justify that decision. Conceptual Be able to link the material from the last exam with the new materials. I will not ask you able materials from the first exam specifically , but there are some questions that require you to use concepts from the first exam in order to answer questions about the new concepts. For example, I may ask you to calculate different expected values given different conceptualizations and explain why this shows that a clear conceptualization is important. In this example, you won’t have to define and come up with a conceptualization, but you will have to know what it is in order to answer this question. Math Probability: Be able to calculate the probability of an event given a count of the event. Also, make sure that you understand why the sum of the probability of all events add to 1 and be able to work backwards given this information.
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S110 Exam 2 Study Guide Page 2 of 2 Arithmetic Mean: Make sure you can calculate this. Be able to use the formula to work backwards (e.g., if I tell you what the arithmetic mean is and how many cases there are, be able to calculate the sum of the values).
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