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Beneficence to me means to help yourself and to help

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Beneficence to me means to help yourself and to help others; it is the act of doing good. You should try your best to help yourself instead of constantly relying on other people. Nonetheless, at the same time you should also give a helping hand to others when they really need it. This is because, self- satisfaction is a wonderful reward after knowing you have helped another person. For example, last semester I worked in a group with three other people in my law class, and I helped myself by completing my work on time, and having everything I needed with me in class. I did not rely on my group members to do my work for me. Furthermore, I often give a helping hand to others when they truly need it; last week my sister needed to carry 3 heavy plates of food out of the kitchen to our living room, but since humans only have two hands, she could not carry three plates. Thus, since she could not help herself, I carried the third plate of food for her. This would relate to altruism founded by August Comte, who believes happiness is found in living for others, and people should perform acts (i.e. tutoring or volunteering) to help others. I strongly believe in autonomy, which means that you should allow people to make their own choices based on what they feel is correct. This is because, every individual is entitled to their decisions, and no one should force them into doing something they do not wish to do. It is okay to give advice and suggestions, but in the end it is up to the person to decide what they want. I have acted upon this moral last week when my mom could not decide which top to buy at the mall; a red one or the blue one. I gave her my suggestion to buy the red one, but in the end it was my mom’s choice so she bought the blue top instead. I think honesty is the definition of telling the truth no matter what you think the consequences may be. This is because, by avoiding the truth and telling a lie will only lead to more lies. Honesty is important because the truth always comes out. Although, honesty is important to me and I almost always say the truth, there have been a few times where I have also said a couple of lies. For example, one time my sister came back late from a party when my parents were not home, my parents came home shortly after she did, and they asked me what time my sister came home. Instead of telling the truth and saying, “about five minutes ago,” I said, “she came home like half an hour ago.” However, my dad knew I lied since my sister parked her car in the garage, and the light in the garage was still on (it only stays on for about five or six mins.) Therefore, I got in trouble for lying and I should have just said the truth, but at the time I thought I was helping my sister. Privacy is an important principle I follow often because I respect confidentiality and believe people should be entitled not to share certain facts about themselves if they do not wish to. Therefore, people do not have to be afraid of being judged by others, because often society does not know all of the facts about someone yet still makes assumptions about them. I respect peoples’ privacy by not forcing them to share stories if they do not wish to. For example, sometimes I play games on my sister’s cell
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Beneficence to me means to help yourself and to help others...

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