4353 types of warehouses private and public

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Types of Warehouses Private and Public Warehousing A warehouse may be privately owned and operated by a company making its own goods. This is called a private warehouse. A warehouse may be owned and operated by another organisation, including a government agency, and only used by a company on certain terms and conditions. This is called a public warehouse. A public warehouse may be owned by a company in the private sector but used by the general public. Irrespective; of whether a warehouse is a private or a public warehouse, the following factors have to be taken into account to work out the cost of storage. a) Interest on the cost of buying the site b) Interest on the cost of furniture c) Cost of repairs and maintenance d) Depreciation on building and equipment e) Insurance f) If productivity (or efficient use) of the warehouse can be increased by 20 percent, there is an equivalent reduction in costs per unit handled and process g) There are fixed costs in the shape of the cost of space per square meter or per cubic meter, etc. Which have to be borne, whether the warehouse is operating or not. h) There are variable costs in his shape of cost per unit handled or processed, which must be added to the fixed costs.
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