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4 learning unit 3message strategy and creative

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4. Learning Unit 3—Message Strategy and Creative Component Set parameters on advertising message strategy by developing a cohesive and focused creative brief. Learn how to describe the true relationship between a brand and its customers by developing a blueprint statement. Use creative thinking techniques to come up with relevant creative concepts for advertisements and an advertising campaign. Apply technical principles in developing copy, print advertisements, broadcast commercials, and digital advertisements. 5. Learning Unit 4—Media Plan Learn how a media plan is developed. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of media. Develop media strategy by making decisions about intensity, reach, frequency, and other media strategy elements. Use information about apertures to develop media schedules. Research designated market areas (DMAs) to identify geographical areas highest in target audience concentration. Develop a basic media plan. Due Dates and Times for Quizzes, Exercises, and Assignments Submission deadlines include both dates and specific times. See Blackboard’s menu item titled “Due Dates” by which exercises and assignments must be completed and submitted. Module Learning Objectives The course is comprised of five modules. They are: 1) Orientation—Start Here Module, 2) Situation Analysis, 3) Strategic Campaign Planning, 4) Message Strategy and Creative Component, and 5) Media Plan. Learning objectives and assignments for each module follow: Orientation—Start Here Module The Orientation—Start Here Module is the starting point for the class. Upon successful completion of the “Orientation Module” you will be able to: 1. Post a thread to a discussion board to introduce yourself to your classmates and Dr. Smith by posting your personal profile to the “Agency” Discussion Board found in the Orientation Module. Learn about your classmates and Dr. Smith by reading posts in the Agency discussion 3
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board. See the menu item “Due Dates” for the date and time deadline for the “Agency” discussion board exercise. (Graded individual assignment to be completed within this learning unit: 10 points) 2. Navigate the course, find the location of course information and assignments, identify course information and policies, access course requirements, and use Blackboard functions by responding to the “Orientation Quiz found in the Orientation Module. You may use your notes, syllabus, textbook, the Campaign Assignment, Blackboard tutorials, FAU Library tutorials, and information presented in the Orientation Module and take the Orientation Quiz as many times as you wish prior to the deadline but must score a grade of 100% on the quiz to earn the 20 points. You either earn 20 points or zero (0) points on the quiz. See the menu item “Due Dates” for the date and time deadline. (Graded individual quiz to be completed within this learning unit:
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4 Learning Unit 3Message Strategy and Creative Component...

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