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-q6:the passage is primarily concerned witha

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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q6:The passage is primarily concerned withA. describing a traditional explanation for the vertical movement of Earth’s surfaceB. discussing recent geophysical research that may explain certain features of Earth’s surface that were previously difficult to account forC. combining elements of several theories in order to develop a plausible explanation for a poorly understood feature of Earth’s surfaceD. providing new evidence in support of a long-standing belief about how certain of Earth’s massive surface features were createdE. questioning the implications of geophysicists’ recent findings regarding the composition and density of Earth’s mantleAnswer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q7:The passage suggests that geophysicists can now infer the characteristics in a given segment of the mantle by doing which of the following?A. Observing how long it takes for seismic waves to travel from an earthquake’s epicenter to a particular surface location and applying knowledge of how rock temperature and density affect the velocity of those wavesB. Analyzing the results of studies linking the formation of some of Earth’s surface features with the violent collisions of tectonic plates and inferring the causes of the information of other features from those resultsC. Recording data about earthquakes throughout the world and correlating the relative force and duration of those earthquakes with information about their geological environmentD. Comparing data about earthquakes that occur in southern Africa’s superswell with data about other types of seismic events that occur thereE. Using computer models to estimate the length of time it would take for a hypothetical landmass 1,000 miles across to rise one mile verticallyAnswer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q8:In line 10, the author mentions the Himalayan Mountains most likely in order to5A. highlight certain similarities between the southern African superswell and other massive features on Earth’s surfaceB. identify a feature of Earth’s surface that predates the origins of the southern African superswellC. provide an example of a feature of Earth’s surface that can explained by plate tectonicsD. suggest that geophysicists are correct in attributing the sculpting of Earth’s surface to violent collisions between tectonic platesE. give an example of a feature of Earth’s surface that scientists are unable to explain fullyAnswer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q9:According to the passage, the computer models referred to in line 86 have had which of the following effects?...
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-Q6:The passage is primarily concerned withA describing a...

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