15 what is a chemical straitjacket chlorpromazine

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15. What is a chemical straitjacket? Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) was the first and most famous antipsychotic drug, and it was introduced in 1954. It was termed a neuroleptic because it reduced nervous activity and it produced a remarkably calming effect on the patients. The drugs in many cases became the only form of treatment provided, thus a "chemical straightjacket" was said to been substituted for a physical one. 16. Why was there a movement toward community mental health centers in the early 1960's? Treatment in a community setting was viewed as a form of secondary prevention, in which the development of more serious mental breakdowns would be prevented. It was to be fully staffed and cover 100% of the geographic territory in the US. They were to have outpatient services, 24-hour emergency care, day treatments, and screenings so they could receive Medicare reimbursements. The costs of patients were now federal, not state funds.
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