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True North - What Kind of Leader am I

Although george admits to it sounding tacky it is

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and life story are true: be passionate to what you want to lead. Although George admits to it sounding tacky, it is true. Having motivation and desire for something a person loves will make leading so much easier. With a mutual purpose in a specific interest, a group of people can lead so far. passion Another factor that George believes can provide better leaders is from life stories. As George claims to have researched and interviewed numerous great leaders, he is not surprised to have discovered that almost all interviewers admitted to having undergone extreme hardship or folly. But despite that, their experience and journey is what got them to success. It is not necessarily the events a person does, but it is more so how one decides to live his or her life. Life stories Leadership comes in correlation with serving a purpose. If there is no enjoyment or desire to lead at something, then there is no true leadership. Being a leader means to be true to oneself and to be able to fight through the most difficult hardships. In reality, there will be many obstacles a leader will undergo that will test his or her strengths and truly separate the true leaders from the incompetent. Once such an event occurs, the situation will either make a person stronger or discourage them to quit. A true leader would be able to endure adversity and would not be willing to give up on their passion. If a person does happen to be undergoing hardship however and does not break, onne typically develops into a much stronger and inspired person. Hardship A person’s life story is the backbone to one’s leadership abilities.
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