Travel plans students are advised not to make work or

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Travel Plans Students are advised not to make work or travel plans until after the examination timetable has been finalized. Students who wish to finalize their travel plans at an earlier date should book flights that depart after the end of the examination period. There will be no special accommodation if travel plans conflict with the examination. Students with a Disability The University aims to provide equal opportunities and access for all students to enjoy the benefits and privileges of its classes and curriculum and to meet the syllabus requirements. Reasonable and appropriate accommodation will be made available to students with documented disabilities (physical, mental, learning) in order to give them the opportunity to successfully meet the essential requirements of a course. The accommodation will not alter academic standards or learning outcomes, although the student may be allowed to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a different way. Students with disabilities seeking academic accommodation are expected to contact the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability ( ) as early as possible to avoid a delay in service, to initiate the process of determining and arranging appropriate academic accommodation in individual situations. In order to receive course-based and exam-based accommodations, instructors must be notified of student needs. For example, if a student requires additional time on exams, assistance with note-taking or a substitute assignment, the instructor needs to be informed.
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