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The application can snap pictures of the accident and

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insurance policyholders to file a claim on the spot when an accident occurs. The application can snap pictures of the accident and attach them to the claim data and upload the claim information to a server. This reduces the length of time to process a claim filed this way. Nationwide competitors have followed suit and developed iPhone, iPad, and Android applications of their own. Policyholders can receive messages via Facebook or Twitter. Other business processes that have been reengineered as a result of mobile computing include Quick Response (QR) codes which have replaced one-dimensional bar codes. They are read using mobile devices, accepting credit card payments from an
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iPhone, iPad or Android device, depositing checks using an iPhone without visiting a bank, and many more. Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page term paper in which you: There will be possible scalability, reliability, and cost issues associated with cloud computing. The purchaser of a Software as a Service package does not have control over the amount of scalability and reliability that is offered. Researching companies that have the best options for the company is vital. Software as a Service companies can choose to increase cost for the services it provides. Companies must be proactive in monitoring how much data they are using. Monitoring data also includes any forecasts and projections of business grown and decline. When companies are proactive in monitoring its usage it can avoid any costs that were not planned for. Unplanned expenses can be detrimental to the success of the business and creates greater issues in the future of the company. Data mining can help companies in so many ways. It can help companies track patterns in its finances, business practices, and with the customers. Having computer software to go into the archived records of the company and bring collaborate it with more recent data is a great benefit to the success of the company. Even though there are some disadvantages to data mining and how much data can be analyzed at one time, companies should still be able to get a clear picture of the past and the future of the business. Mobile computing and social networking has permanently changed the way people communicate, interact, and do business.
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The application can snap pictures of the accident and...

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