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Miserably so the board decides to sell it and so 5

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miserably, so the board decides to sell it, and so 5 Star Brewery Company ends up in the hands of Tsingtao, a huge beer brand in China. While Clissold and his company made a lot of mistakes, they also learned a lot throughout the process, which can help tell a lot about China and Chinese business culture for future investors. Clissold and his crew make several devastating mistakes when entering into the brewing industry. First of all, as pointed out by Madame Wu, Clissold did not, “check whether or not [the teacups] were cracked” meaning the foreign investors did not check as thoroughly as they should have into the business to look for any glitches that could 1
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arise (50). Another crucial mistake that the company made was using Carla, the former US trade representative who had expansive expertise in China, in order to to get the contract approved quickly, which meant it was not put through proper procedures. While Xu, the factory director had not submitted the correct documents, officials had been told to just approve the contracts without even reviewing them, which meant that the contracts
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