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If collisions are occurring between users within

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If collisions are occurring between users within range of each other, the problem may be the result of high network utilization or possibly RF interference. 10. In situations where 802.11g and 802.11b are coexisting, what steps might you take to minimize the impact of the presence of the legacy nodes? One of the best ways to determine if you should activate RTS/CTS is to monitor the wireless LAN for collisions. If you find a large number of collisions and the users are relatively far apart and likely out of range, then try enabling RTS/CTS. Conclusion Guidelines Include a minimum of two paragraphs that describe what you accomplished in the iLab, what you learned from performing it, how it relates to this week’s TCOs and course material, and how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. With this lab, I learned that there are many parts of a wireless network that can affect performance. For me, I have a background with military radios and their application and I had no idea on how similar they really are now. The same thing that can affect the performance on those radios can apply to wireless networks. One of the main things is the wattage that each radio can use and how it can affect the way they communicate. There are some things dealing with wireless networks are different, regular radios don’t really have RTS/CTS. Using RTS/CTS is a great way to create communication integrity by 11
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MIXED 11B/11G WLAN PERFORMANCE 12 creaking kind of a pseudo-handshake by the request and clear packets, which is key especially over UDP traffic. There is a lot when it comes to performance over wireless as compared to wired networks. 12
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MIXED 11B/11G WLAN PERFORMANCE 13 References Guidelines Include all references used to complete this iLab. This must be in APA format. Ciampa, Mark. CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs, 2nd Edition . Delmar, 8/4/05. <vbk:9781285531700#outline(5.2.1)>. 13
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If collisions are occurring between users within range of...

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