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As the passage continues onward about rare encounters

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me, more in fact it would be disgusting to me. As the passage continues onward about rare encounters such as the crab in the train. Many passenagers were afraid of the crab but wanted to protect it for some reason that I count not understand. There was a boy that tried to stomp it however the adult passenagers scream to not harm the crab. To me this scene keep reminding me of rodents in New York City train tracks and how many New Yorkers were afraid of the rodents but wanted to protect them from harm until someone with some expertise can deal with the rodents without harming them. Overall, I believe that Ian Fraizer was mostly a bystander in every situation that occur and that the way he feels about Brookyn is like a casual day to him. He would watch the event and not do anything about it just like any typical New York bystander. As I was reading this passage, I felt like I was reading about myself as if I was Ian Fraizer. I would just watch and maybe tell these stories to people of what I have just witness and then live my life later on.
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