21 all it applications should have readily available

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____ 21. All IT applications should have readily available documented procedures. ____ 22. Today’s homes seldom have any desktop computers. ____ 23. Large businesses rarely have e-commerce Web sites. ____ 24. The computer has not changed society today. ____ 25. Breakthroughs in surgery, medicine, and treatments seldom result from scientists’ use of computers. ____ 26. Most personal computers and midrange servers use Unicode. ____ 27. Memory usually consists of one or more chips on the motherboard or some other circuit board in the computer. ____ 28. RAM can hold multiple programs simultaneously, provided the computer has enough RAM to accommodate all the programs. ____ 29. Static RAM chips must be re-energized constantly or they lose their contents. ____ 30. The amount of RAM necessary in a computer is unrelated to the type of software used. ____ 31. CMOS technology uses battery power to retain information even when the power to the computer is off. ____ 32. Although some PC Cards contain tiny hard disks, many PC Cards are a type of flash memory card. ____ 33. Unlike adapter cards that require users to open the system unit and install the card on the motherboard, users can change a flash memory card, such as a PC Card, without having to open the system unit or restart the computer. ____ 34. A FireWire port previously was called a DIMM port.
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