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Promises were broken left and right and this was only

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held up his end of the deal, the same could not be said for President Hayes. Promises were broken left and right and this was only the beginning of the disappointments for Native Americans as a whole. In the writing We Want to Tell You Something by Albert the writer advocates for the importance and preservation of Indian territory. He begins acknowledging that “During these last two years strangers have looked over our land with spy-glasses and made marks upon it, and we know little of what this means. As we believe that you have no wish to disturb our Possessions; we want to tell you about this Hopi land . ” (565) Yava , tries to reason and appeal to his opponents through making certain that the government know the correct information about Indian customs and their reasons behind their ways of living. He went on to explain the sacredness of a family and their land, stating that “The family, the dwelling house and the field are inseparable, because the woman is the heart of these, and they rest with her. Among the family traces its kin from the mother hence all its possessions are hers.” Continuing Yava pleads that it is not necessary for the new plans to go through. He also asked to be informed on what interest was the American government taking in their land in order for the Native Americans to have a greater understanding of what was to become of their land. Though this petition was signed by many; it was hardly given a sideways glance.
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The vision of the white fro ntiersmen was destroying their heritage and they were left defenseless at the mercy of the new reign of their new majority. Because their vision of manifest destiny blinded them, the frontiersmen wrongfully judged the indigenous people of their new land as less than and were not considerate of the fact that this was their land to begin with . Leaving the indigenous people out of the planning of their own fate was whether they realized or not the same exact thing that had been done to them some years before in Great Britain, and now history was repeating itself. With all of the harshness and inhumane treatment that was bestowed upon the indigenous people of the frontier, it is easy for one of today’s time to judge the motives and actions of the Western men at that time. However one must dig deeper and understand that though their judgment of their history and actions were selfish and unjust, the frontiersmen of that time era can’t be blamed for acting on what was instilled in them. They were taught this sense of superiority and ownership. In their minds this new land was theirs and no one was going to stand in their way of taking full advantage of everything it had to offer. In American history men such as Christopher Columbus and Buffalo Bill Cody are considered key components in the establishment of this country. Columbus, in discovering America as a new land and Cody for being a main factor in the expansion of the West. Their rise to power was earned through the fear they struck in the hearts of indigenous people and the respect they gained from their peers and common folk. According to
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Promises were broken left and right and this was only the...

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