It seems like henry has an i attitude and thinks he

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It seems like Henry has an “I” attitude and thinks he is the one responsible for everything. 3. Discuss the relationship between communications and motivation. Communications plays a big part in motivating employees. Your employees must feel that you are working for them not they are working for you (Christmas 2013). Employees must feel that they are appreciated and this must be communicated to them both with verbal and non-verbal communication. Employees need to here that they are doing a good job. They need to be reassured that they are an asset to the company and that their opinion matters to you and to the company. I think when looking at the ten work related evaluation items from the reading Henry has most of them right, but he needs to work on some of the most important ones. One of the most important is sensitivity to personal problems.
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Although you should not bring personal issues to work, everybody’s problems do affect them at work and sometimes people just need someone to ask them if everything is ok. He also needs to make sure that his managers and other employees feel appreciated for the work they do. They need to feel that they are not just a “meal ticket” for the company. References Christmas, Robert, Personal Communication, January 20, 2013 Shockley-Zalabak, P. S. (2009). Fundamentals of Organizational Communication: Knowledge, Sensitiviy, Skills, Values. 7 th ed. Boston, MA: Pearson.
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It seems like Henry has an I attitude and thinks he is the...

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