Supporting points a member should be compliant and

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Supporting points : A member should be compliant and speak with compassion with a lack of bias (p. 164) It is essential for one to preach, confess, teach, and commit good deeds, since God gave us such gifts to share to others (p. 164) They must be a good public speaker by having the power and emotion to influence people and be aware of what is being said (p.165) They should reflect on their day-to-day lives and make a task of what is going on the following day (p.166) In order to optimize work efficiency, a person should ask others to point out their imperfections and advice for revisions (p.166) Questions about the readings: 1. How was the original Council chosen that differed from what they idealistically are trying to reform by? 2. Does St. Ignatius find praying not as important as studying even though prayer is our means of communication to speaking to God? 3. How can those who are not as stressed about sins believe that sins are not as severe as they actually are, when conscience is what takes control of a person?
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