Performance analysis an organization must analyze its

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Performance Analysis An organization must analyze its performance on a regular basis. The complexities and the dynamic nature of business requires observation and data to be translated into meaningful language. Only then can informed and calculated decision-making be made. (Chapter 22 will discuss the essential KPIs while Chapter 23 will discuss the financial considerations).
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Customer Satisfaction Businesses are forced to pay more attention to satisfying their customers. This is a direct result from increased competition and the pressure for performance excellence. Traditionally, the ‘customer is always right’ has been used as a slogan which urges service providers to give high priority to customer satisfaction. Another way to increase customer satisfaction is by proving that your service and/or product is better than your competitors. Competition in capitalism will lead to a free market. People should be able to decide for themselves what to buy or when to buy. Creativity in marketing can help create a need that is non-existent.
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