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Q10 which of the following is most clearly an example

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Q10: Which of the following is most clearly an example of the practice referred to in lines 38- 49 of the passage? A. A department store chain that employs a single buyer to procure all the small appliances to be sold in its stores B. An automobile manufacturer that has used the same supplier of a particular axle component for several years in a row C. A hospital that contracts only with union personnel to staff its nonmedical positions D. A municipal government that decides to cancel its contract with a waste disposal company and instead hire its own staff to perform that function E. A corporation that changes the food-service supplier for its corporate headquarters several times over a five-year period as part of a cost-cutting campaign. Answer: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Q11: In 1992 outlaw fishing boats began illegally harvesting lobsters from the territorial waters of the country of Belukia. Soon after, the annual tonnage of lobster legally harvested in Belukian waters began declining; in 1996, despite there being no reduction in the level of legal lobster fishing activity, the local catch was 9,000 tons below pre-1992 levels. It is therefore highly likely that the outlaw fishing boats harvested about 9,000 tons of lobster illegally that year. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? 6
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Q12: Despite the growing number of people who purchase plane tickets online, airline executives are convinced that, just as one-third of bank customers still prefer human tellers to automatic teller machines, many travelers will still use travel agents.
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