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questions ch 8

Ad shes the product of the me generation the thirty

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ad, "She's the product of the 'me generation,' the thirty-something woman who balances home, family, and career— more than any generation before her, she refuses to put her pleasures aside. She's old enough to know what she wants. And young enough to get it." This is an example of _____ segmentation. demographic and psychographic A(n) _____ is a subgroup of individuals or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have relatively similar product needs. market segment What best describes the type of market segmentation an advertiser like Nike would want to achieve when it runs an ad in ReadyMade? demographic segmentation The Belly Cast kit by Proud Body helps an expectant mom to make a cast of her pregnant body, decorate it and keep it for a lifetime. The primary market segment for the Belly Cast kit is: expectant moms Consumers in Louisiana love hot sauce, and Tabasco and Crystal brands are particularly popular there. Consumers in Michigan do not like hot food, so they purchase very little hot sauce. A national chain of grocery stores would likely use _____ segmentation when stocking condiment merchandise. . geographic Chandler Kumar owns two antique stores. One is in an upscale neighborhood, and its merchandise is artfully arranged and priced to indicate product rarity. The other is in a run-down strip mall and contains some of the same type of merchandise, but the items are left in open boxes and placed haphazardly on shelves. Customers of either store have entirely different perceptions of the stores and would be surprised to know Kumar operates each of them because he uses such differing _____ strategies. positioning Which of the following statements best describes the reason marketers find geodemographic segmentation so effective? Birds of a feather flock together ." Refer to Wrestling Merchandise. Since the WWE must use different methods to reach its three largest target markets, it must use: multisegment targeting All of the following are advantages of using a concentrated targeting strategy EXCEPT: high cannibalization
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