Each member of the team needs sufficient information education and training to

Each member of the team needs sufficient information

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Each member of the team needs sufficient information, education, and training to remain competent team members. As a team, individuals need technical competence and personal competence in interpersonal and teamwork skills. Unified Commitment: Tim memiliki komitmen yang terpadu. Teams have developed a sense of unity involving all members in all aspects of the process Collaborative Climate: Tim memiliki iklim kerjasama yang kondusif. Members stay problem focused, listen to and understand one another, openly take risks, and are willing to compensate for one another. Members are developing trusting relationships based on honesty, openness, consistency, and respect. Standards of Excellence : Tim memiliki standar ukuran kinerja yang jelas. Clear standards of how a team should behave is important for team functioning. Individual performance should be regulated so that actions can be coordinated, tasks are completed, and the standards of excellence are upheld. Providing feedback on performance and rewarding results encourages members to challenge themselves. External Support and Recognition : Tim mendapatkan dukungan dan penghargaan dari pihak di luar tim. Team is supported by those individual and agencies outside the team who are capable to contributing to the team success. The recognition is clear and viewed as appropriate by team member and tied to performance.
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