The transport of messages within the network takes

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The transport of messages within the network takes place in the submodule Sockets of the FreePastry library and is based on a point-to-point communication. Each node has a unique identity, which enables abstraction from IP-based addressing. An internal forwarding algorithm controls the routing of messages via multiple nodes in decentralized way. If a node receives a message addressed to another node-ID, it forwards this on the shortest path to the addressed node. The number of forwarding steps is limited to O(logN) in a network with N nodes. Each Pastry node observes a certain number of next neighbors within the node-ID area and considers the distances between individual nodes. 4.1.2.Routing A packet can be routed to any address in the keyspace whether there is a peer with that node ID or not. A particular node receives the message. The packet is routed toward its proper place on the circular ring and the peer whose node ID is closest to the desired destination will receive the packet.
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