Finding the pro per location in the minds of consumers Istiqamah Enterprise

Finding the pro per location in the minds of

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Finding the pro per “location” in the minds of consumers Istiqamah Enterprise 1981 is located so near to the highway of Lebuhraya Lencongan Barat which is the proper place for every loyal customer and the outsider will get attached as their shop is locating at the strategic place. SECTION 2: SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS POINT OF PARITY (POP) Point of Parity (POP) are the things that are essential in the industry standard. This is the things that are the same for all the brand in order to be competitive and on the same rank as others. Point of parity are the things that all the businesses have in order to make the business stand in point with the others. In terms of Point of Parity for food industry, in order to compare Istiqamah Enterprise with other brands, consumers will look at the following points of parity. ISTIQAMAH ENTERPRISE / ENAQ SAUSE SDN BHD/ NURUL FOOD INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE Food Industry HALAL Certificate Muslim Product SME Products Good Taste with Affordable Price Good selection of products
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5 In order to be able to stand side-by-side with the other food industry products, Istiqamah start their brand with the same point of parity with the other brand. Those point of parity are also things that consumers will seek when comparing brands. Istiqamah is competing in a food industry with Enaq Sauce Sdn. Bhd. And Nurul Food Industry Enterprise. Although Istiqamah are not only selling sauce, we considered Enaq Sauce and Nurul Food as competitors to their brand as they also selling sauce products. Another point of POP is a good selection of products to choose from. Istiqamah Enterprise have a good selection of products. They produce kuah rojak , petis udang , perencah mee udang express, perencah char koey teow , and aneka keropok keping . Enaq Sauce and Nurul Enterprise also have variety of sauce from chili, soy sauce, ‘sambal’ and so much more. Price are important in this industry as there are a lot of good food with much cheaper price. Istiqamah offer an affordable price that would allow the customers a great experience with their unique taste. This is what mostly people seek in a good food good taste with affordable price, a truly satisfaction. The three companies are SME (Small-Medium Enterprise), they have halal certificate and also a Muslim products. To support Muslim and small entrepreneur, Malaysian nowadays started to buy Muslim and SME products. In this competitive world, being able to be the in the same group as what people seek (their needs and wants) is really important. Thus, being able to stand in the same point of parity with other Muslim and SME products is a must for Istiqamah Enterprise.
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