Ii the visual learning style visual learning is a

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ii) The Visual learning style: Visual learning is a style in which a learner utilizes graphs, charts, maps and diagrams. Learners are provided the opportunity to explore the area they find themselves in by using their visual senses to properly acknowledge everything around them instead of giving quick glances. To provide the opportunity for visual learning, the classroom “should be visually rich and appealing, with nature specimens, artifacts, and objects to visually explore.” (Engelbright fox , 2015:160). Visual learning can be enhanced through using different objects as learning materials for example kaleidoscopes to see the changing of different shapes, colours and patterns, magnifying glasses and binoculars. According to Engelbright Fox, 2015:160 , visual learning is important because “visual perception and discrimi nating between letters and words are required for reading and writing. iii) The Tactile-Kinaesthetic learning style :
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