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Industrial Revolution Paper

One of the leading causes of the industrial

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One of the leading causes of the Industrial Revolution was improvement in the environment. With growth in agriculture, people took advantage of the abundance of crops. But in undertaking such opportunity of making extra profit, safety hazards and hygienic conditions were crucial issues. Based on Chadwick’s report on sanitation, diseases would grow widespread, due to problems such as drainage issues, cleansing, and ventilation. These increased impurities in fact produced an epidemic that would sometimes be fatal if a person were contaminated. Additionally, workmen were physically injured through beatings or dangerous equipment, which sometimes led to deformities. Overall, this was a severe injustice that had not been acknowledged until late in the revolution. It is unquestionable that the Industrial Revolution spurred a series of breakthroughs and a revelation of change that made a significant impact on production. Yet at what costs should people undertake to fulfill these means? People sacrificed an excessive number of hours with very little free time and sleep. However, the strenuous labor merely obtained workers poor wages below the living standard. Finally, sanitation and safety were poorly taken into consideration when arranging these factories that caused physical and mental harm. Taking these issues into consideration, though the
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Janine Nipal 10/5/12 revolution brought society closer to universal opulence, morality concerns towards the people who actually shaped this revolution were entirely abused.
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