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Intranet site aka internal web site is a web site

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Intranet site (aka: internal web site) is a Web site which is designed by a company to present information to its own employees or specific business partners--access to it is usually restricted . Usually only accessible by the employees of the company, or in some cases, by business partners or customers who have been specifically granted access . This is in contrast to an Internet site, which anyone can access and view. Promotion function of marketing servers to inform the audience of an organization's products, and usually at the same time tries to persuade them to purchase these products. Advertising Budget is derived from the Promotion Budget. Determined by the Promotion Budget, using the same technique , whether it be Objective and Task, Percent of Sales, etc. In advertising, a Media Plan specifies the exact media vehicles to be used and the dates and the times that the advertisements will appear. Specifies which kinds of media the firm will be advertising in; i.e. specific newspapers, magazines, direct mail , etc. It also specifies the advertising schedule . Magazines, television stations, newspapers, and outdoor ads are all examples of media types . Media Vehicles - the specific venues in each medium which a marketer chooses to advertise with are. First the media planner chooses media types to advertise in. Then he chooses specific media vehicles within each media type, for example specific newspapers or magazines. This is known as " reach ." A typical time frame is four weeks. Reach and frequency are often looked at together; frequency is the number of times these targeted consumers were exposed to the advertisement.
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When evaluating alternative media vehicles, one of the factors that media planners look at is frequency , which refers to the average number of times targeted consumers were exposed to the advertisement in a stated time period. In addition to looking at Frequency and Reach, which tell how much of the target audience is exposed to the advertisement and how many times, media planners also take into account cost. Cost-per-thousand is one way advertising costs are evaluated and allows for comparisons across media types. Cost per Thousand (CPM ) is the cost of reaching one thousand prospects through a given media vehicle. Multiplying Reach times Frequency is how media planners calculate Gross Rating Points. Gross Rating Points are calculated by multiplying Reach , which is the percentage of a target audience exposed to an ad, times Frequency, which is the average number of times each of the people targeted were exposed. The "total weight " of advertising delivered during a certain time period is determined by calculating the Gross Rating Points. The Gross Rating Points (GRP) indicates the "total weight" of advertising delivered over a certain time period. Marginal revenue
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Intranet site aka internal web site is a Web site which is...

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