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Syllabus Leadership FAU spring 2013 campus day(1)

The vleader simulation presents experiences using

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The vLeader simulation presents experiences using your Emotional Intelligence to develop your ability to identify, understand and more effectively work with negative and challenging people and their behaviors. A more complete description of vLeader appears later in the syllabus. (4) COURSE PROJECT The main focus of the course project is the analysis of the leadership of a CEO/Top Management team of an organization. This must be researched and analyzed using course topics/concepts and presented. Shared leadership (assigning a leader or 2 leaders for each of the 3 phases of the project) is required . The project has 3 phases: Phase 1) Project proposal plan documents CEO/top management team to be researched and plans the following: the team development and execution of the project, the research, analysis, and presentation, and the evaluation of teamwork and team leadership in the team; Phase 2) Analysis conducted on the CEO/Top Management team of an organization. This must be researched and 3
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analyzed using course topics/concepts and presented; Phase 3) teamwork employed in each phase of the project analyzed and success of the team evaluated. Your grade will be based on the reports (team charter, team proposal, presentation summary/outline; written team report; written individual report) and presentation (team presentation) that will be submitted. Teams will be comprised of about 5 members. A team charter (see course information in Blackboard) must be completed by each team to outline your goals and ground rules for teamwork. The preliminary charter is due via email and posting to the group file exchange area by Jan. 30 and the final charter is due by Feb. 2. All CEOs/top management teams selected should be pre-approved by me no later than Feb. 15. All teams will submit periodic feedback and peer evaluations. Groups should be finalized by Jan. 17. Please note that presentation dates and chapter assignments may change if the number of teams change due to class size. Formatting of all Reports All major reports must be handed in and submitted in the assignments area of Blackboard (team proposal, team report, individual report) should be a maximum of 8 to 10 pages (excluding cover page and appendices), typed (double-spaced ) in a font no smaller than 10 point, and with one-inch margins. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors as their presence may reduce your grade. Include an additional cover sheet with the project title, your names, and date of submission. I recommend that you to keep a journal or log of all events that take place with respect to the project and document your progress in your Blackboard Group page: leadership, team, progress toward implementation, meetings held, and problems encountered. These will inform your team and individual reports.
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