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4 i have always had pretty strong executive

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4. I have always had pretty strong executive functioning, once I've started something. I have three different calendars to help me plan when things are due and when I should start them. I know I have to be in a room without any activity going on, only music playing softly to help me focus. If I can, I highlight whatever I'm reading to pinpoint the important information. If I'm writing a paper, I start with a very rough outline, then write paragraphs for each bullet point, and finally connect them all in one essay. I have always been very organized and that helps me plan for and achieve my academic goals. However, my biggest problem has been procrastination. Getting the motivation to sit down and start an assignment can be difficult, especially when I live in a house with all of my friends and they are always going somewhere to do something fun. I have been trying very hard to stay ahead this semester and not wait to finish assignments until the last minute. I've been doing this with a running to-do list on my computer and phone so I can see what I have been assigned and when they are all due. I prioritize larger assignments. Then I reward myself. If I have finished an assignment or have done most of it, I can go out with my friends, or watch an episode of something on tv. I've always been a pretty good student as well. I've made Dean's List almost every semester I've been at school. Last semester, however, my grades dipped a little. Part of it was due to a generally rough semester socially and emotionally, but I knew I couldn't let that affect my grades anymore. Now, no matter what I have going on outside of school, I try to make time to be alone and get my homework done. I do not allow myself to go on Facebook or Twitter or any other website that I can get distracted on. I check my grades for all my classes at least weekly and make sure I take care of any grades that seem unusual. And I always make sure I'm caffeinated enough to stay up late if I have to.
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