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We are free and that our actions are not causally

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We are free and that our actions are not causally determined (libertarianism) The idea that determinism does not rule out the possibility that we are free (compatibilism) Soft determinism – holds that our actions are both free and causally determined Incompatibilism – hard determinism and libertarianism Compatibilism – soft determinism What is libertarianism? Normative view – a claim about the way things ought to be Libertarianism is a descriptive claim Does not say whether it is good news or bad news that one has free will Campbell thinks that when we act “out of character” than it isn’t true that our actions are determined by the characters we have We shouldn’t take the testimony of introspection at face value Campbell accepts incompatibilism, thinks that introspection shows that we sometimes produce free acts, and so concludes that determinism must be false What are two soft determinist theories? Soft determinist theories try to construct a plausible theory of what freedom is, one that shows why freedom is not ruled out by the alleged fact that our actions are determined Hume thinks we’re free; our desires determine our actions Unfree action according to Hume’s theory is if we’re handcuffed to the floor and we want to leave the room but can’t Objection 1: compulsive behavior Objection 2: an action can be voluntary even though the agent was not free to do otherwise
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For you to have performed some action of your own free will, it is not essential that you could have performed some other action if you had wanted to do so Does coercion rob us of free will? In many cases (if not in all), coerced actions don’t rob their victims of free will A second-order desire is a desire about what one’s desires should be like The theory of freedom fails to explain why some forms of compulsive behavior are unfree
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