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Person feels like they cannot function without a

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person feels like they cannot function without a drink, then they have become addicted and that is ill- adjusted behavior. The same goes for marijuana. People are insistent that it is not an addictive drug, that they can absolutely function without it, but I have seen cases where someone was smoking every day and was extremely anxious when they didn't. All drugs are addictive, and if used incorrectly, all of them can be harmful. Alcohol was never a taboo topic in my house growing up. My brother and I were always allowed to try whatever our parents were drinking. When we were younger, of course, none of it tastes very good. My dad liked to drink straight vodka on the rocks and my mom was a fan of red wine and White Russians. To a adolescent and teenager, all of that was disgusting. But, because we were always encouraged to try it and because it was a topic that was already spoken about, my brother and I felt comfortable talking to our parents about drinking as we got older. I would be able to have a drink with dinner at family functions, or if I was watching a football game with my dad he would ask me to grab us a couple beers. When I began drinking with my friends outside of the house, I was able to tell my parents about it. They made sure I was smart about it and that I knew I could always call them for a ride, but they never told me that I couldn't. I never participated too much in the stereotypical raucous parties that high schoolers throw. If I drank with my friends, it was only with a few of them and we all stayed the night. I never, ever, smoked anything during high school. But none of my friends did either, so I was never pressured into trying anything. My mother smokes cigarettes and has since she was a teenager. Because of that and many events related it to it, I never had any desire to try smoking cigarettes, or anything really. I was, and still am, very opposed to cigarette smoking. It is something that I never have tried and never will try and I dissuade just about everyone I know from picking it up as well.
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person feels like they cannot function without a drink then...

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