Gatt voluntary nafta wto its voluntary but you must

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GATT – voluntary NAFTA WTO – it’s voluntary but you must agree to enforce regulation; if you think it’s horrible, you quit Euro Zone Economic factors reflect a country’s attractiveness as a market: industrial structure; income distribution - Subsistence economies (poor) - Raw material exporting economies - Industrializing economies: Latin America - Industrial economies: very advanced (US) BRIC : Brazil, Russia, India, China (industrializing) - Country income - Country’s political-legal environment o Country’s attitude toward international buying o Political stability o Monetary regulations o Government bureaucracy o FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) - Cultural Environment o Business norms o Cultural preferences, traditions, behaviors - Any country needs to adapt to local cultural values and traditions rather than imposing their own - Is a company competent to enter globally? Deciding how to enter the market :
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December 5, 2011 Export (indirect / direct) joint venturing (licensing / contract manufacturing / management contracting / joint ownership) direct investment (assembly facilities / manufacturing facilities) Amount of commitment, risk, control, and profit potential
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GATT voluntary NAFTA WTO its voluntary but you must agree...

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