3 precise enough if only because weve heard it enough

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3. Precise enough, if only because we’ve heard it enough times to know what is meant. 4. Precise enough 5. Not precise enough for such an important matter. How much lower does the level need to be? 6. Although it isn't very precise, we think it's precise enough. Under the circumstances, the reader of the sign will have an idea of whether a given child is too small to pass. 7. Precise enough 8. Does this mean the lifetime of the current buyer, or of the car on which it is installed? 9. We think this needs to be more precise, especially since there is a danger of damage to one’s health. 10. For a first-timer or an inexperienced cook, this phrase is not sufficiently precise. Exercise 3-5 “Should be” might be spelled out: what are the consequences if it isn’t typed? “Between eight IM – 3 | 2
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and twelve pages in length” is perfectly acceptable; “make use of” is clear enough; “sources” is acceptable if any kind of source can be used—if only certain kinds of sources can be used, then that needs to be made clear. “Organization . . . grammar” are all fairly vague, with the exception of “grammar.” Unfortunately, most of these terms take a lot of explaining. The remaining expressions are suitably precise. Exercise 3-6 “Feeding” simply means “fertilizing” and is precise enough. “Frequently” is too vague. “No more than half” is acceptable. “Label-recommended amounts” is okay, too. “New year’s growth begins” and “each bloom period ends” seems a little imprecise for a novice gardener, but because pinpoint timing apparently isn’t crucial, these expressions are acceptable (so it seems to us, anyhow). “Similar” is not precise enough for a novice gardener. “Immediately after bloom” suggests that precise timing is important here, and we find the phrase a bit too vague, at least for inexperienced gardeners. “When the nights begin cooling off” is too vague even if precision in timing isn’t terribly important. Exercise 3-7 1. The Raider tackle blocked the Giants linebacker. 2. Please close the door after you come in (or go out). 3. We heard that he wrote you a letter informing you of what he said. 4. How Therapy Can Help Victims of Torture 5. Charles pulled his gun from its holster. 6. A week ago they were exposed to someone who was ill. 7. Chelsea’s nose resembles Hillary Clinton’s. 8. I just put in new thermostats, and I flush the cooling system regularly. 9. "Tuxedo prices cut ridiculously!" 10. 6 Coyotes That Maul Girl Are Killed by Police 11. “We make no promises.” 12. "Since I was elected governor, this is the greatest disaster we've experienced." 13. Second sentence: More than one disease can be carried and passed along to humans by a single tick. 14. Don't let your beer freeze at the game. 15. Come with construction helmet and work overalls and be prepared to lift heavy equipment. 16. We give to life good things. 17. "You can't choose a better juice." 18. "So remember, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent gets your wash as clean as can be and it does it without polluting our waters." 19. Dunkelbrau—for those who crave the best-tasting real German beer.
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3 Precise enough if only because weve heard it enough times...

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