Module Ten

Switch controls cover for onoff switch which prevent

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Switch Controls – cover for on/off switch which prevent user from switching off file servers n Peripheral switch controls – lockable switches prevent keyboard from being used n Electronic Security Boards – inserted into a PC slot require password to boot, also included in BIOS Laptop Control n Encrypt the drive Media Storage n Proper disposal Require storage, destruction or reuse: n Data backups n CDs n Diskettes n Hard Drives n Paper printout Common Storage areas: n On-Site – areas within the facility n Off-site – areas outside the facility, data backup service n Examine vendor security
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Data Destruction and Reuse n Must reformat seven times according to TCSEC Orange Book standards n Shredders should crosscut n Military will burn reports Object Reuse n Clearing – overwriting data media to be reused in same environment n Purging – degaussing or overwriting to be used in another environment n Destruction – completely destroying Common Problems n Erasing just deletes file header not data n Damaged sectors may not be over written n Rewriting may not write over all data areas, (slack space) n Degauser equipment failure n Inadequate number of formats
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Switch Controls cover for onoff switch which prevent user...

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