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10512 differentiation of jobs the spread of

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10/5/12 Differentiation : of jobs; the spread of specialization amongst groups & institutions; work from family life, business affairs & functions Lack of housing, conditions at work, a need for money (risk of unemployment), women & children had to supplement father’s income; if people learned to trade, it was less likely from parents; urban conditions made it difficult to care for the old & sick – separated family ties Some people would just live together b/c obtaining marriage licenses were expensive Middle-class women: role of wife & mother were centralized; increasingly shut out of business & politics; ideal of femininity – women were delicate If a wife is a housewife, it is a symbol of wealth Domesticity : the idea that women should spend lives entirely in the domestic sphere; should be completely in the home; charity was considered an extension of women being workers Standards of Living : prices rose by mid-1840s; living in factory towns were difficult b/c prices were monopolized; spread of soap & cotton underwear; increased construction; People in higher social status’ standard of living going up – lower going down Housing stock moved much slower; sanitary conditions changed (more people to less homes) garbage being dumped in the streets; London’s 250 cest pools would be dumped rarely (GROSS) led to disease
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