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7 assignments projects are structured for you to

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7) Assignments & Projects are structured for you to demonstrate the application of research and concepts focused on in class, so you will not use “ I or personal pronouns in this type of writing. 8) Note that all assignments/projects may be run through TURNITIN if plagiarism is suspected and often times even when it is not. So, you will want to avoid any issues of plagiarism by ensuring your work is your own and not taken from other sources to be passed off as your own work. The Kaplan Plagiarism policy will be strictly followed if plagiarism is found in your paper . Additional resources to help you with your assignment and research project papers: Take advantage of the following additional resources in doc sharing : o Referencing in APA Guide o Citing in APA Guide o APA Assignment Paper Example (GE) o Each Assignment or Project “ Instructions ” within the respective course unit If you have questions, please reach out to your Professor for assistance. You will also want to take advantage of the Writing Center workshops, live tutors and writing coaches if you are not completely comfortable with writing in APA format.
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