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Initiative banka bioloo an indian social enterprise

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Initiative: Banka BioLoo, an Indian social enterprise that provides solutions for human waste treatment. is a global initiative that encourages companies to fight poverty through inclusive business models. It is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other international organizations. Bankabioloo took initiative and address the cheaper and easy-to-operate Lessen open defecation and increase sustainable Sanitation through bio-toilets. Meet the need for basic, easy-to-install and hygienic human waste disposal mechanism in areas with no infrastructural facilities currently. Social Result Banko Bioloo project has positive impact on society. Number of people who no more defecate in the open, their health has improved. Project have positive impact on society.
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Strategy: Success glimpse Installed over 2,000 biolos in 2015 Challenges face at time of execution Financial resources bound us from expanding. Next Step Eager to move ahead in the next years. Measurable result 200,000 Actions Cover a secure place to defecate/urinate and the waste need to be treated onsite “Banka BioLoo’s inclusive business model is an example of the power of the  private sector to address development challenges through innovative, needs- based products, strategic partnerships for marketing and distribution, and  viable employment that helps families move out of poverty,”   Strategy
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