The current research examined a wide range of issues

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The current research examined a wide range of issues related to outsourcing of HR. It focused on the Greek shipping sector and this is its main limitation. The ability to generalise the study may be limited, because of the uniqueness of the Greek-owned shipping companies’ characteristics. A more extensive sample of respondents could enlighten more aspects of the theme. This exploratory empirical investigation into outsourcing of HR in the shipping industry provided tentative directions for increasing the probability of success of outsourcing projects and raised many issues for further study of the outsourcing phenomenon in this particular field. In the following steps, further examination can be focused on the reasons for outsourcing HR activities, and on the degree of success or failure of the implemented outsourcing strategies. Moreover, this research is the first step of a long survey in the field of managing multiculturalism in shipping crews. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Authors would like to acknowledge all representatives of the shipping companies who kindly responded to the survey. They also wish to thank the anonymous referee for the helpful comments. Moreover, Mrs Progoulaki and Mr Papadimitriou acknowledge ‘Propondis’ Foundation for its support. REFERENCES Amante, Maragtas S.V. (2004), “Industrial Democracy in the Rough Seas: The Case of Philippine Seafarers”, The Industrial Relations Research Association, Proceedings of the 56 th Annual Meeting, January 3-5, San Diego. Arnold, Ulli (2000), “New dimensions of outsourcing: a combination of transaction cost economics and the core competencies concept”, European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 6, 23-29. BIMCO/ISF (2000) Manpower Update, Summary Report, April. Cooper, Alastair (2000), “Implications of Maritime Globalisation for the Crews of Merchant Ships”, Journal of Maritime Research, February. Domberger, Simon (1998), The Contracting Organization, Oxford University Press, Oxford Scholarship Online. Fisher, Cynthia D., Lyle F. Schoenfeldt, and James B. Shaw (1996), Human Resource Management, 3 nd Edition, Houghton Mifflin. Glen, David, and James McConville (2001), “An analysis of the employment durations of UK seafaring officers 1999”, Marine Policy, 25, 293-301. Gilley, Matthew K., and Abdul Rasheed (2000), “Making more by doing less: An analysis of outsourcing and its effects on firm performance”, Journal of Management, 26 (4), 763-790. Harlaftis, Gelina, and Ioannis Theotokas (2004), “European family firms in international business: British and Greek tramp shipping firms”, Business History , 46(2), 219-255. Harris, Michael (2000), Human Resource Management, A Practical Approach, 2 nd Edition, The Dryden Press. 18
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