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The burnt furniture forms unity since there is not

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the viewer’s right side visually weighs more than the left. The burnt furniture forms unity since there is not one piece of furniture that stands out in perfection; therefore, each and every piece is charred. Along with Mourning the Ephemeral , Hyde has many other mixed media installations that are entangled with the idea of being the surviving objects from a fire. For example, she has Scarlet II , Scarlet , and Scratches in Silver . I believe that Allison Hyde has done these charred art pieces because she wants to show her audience the beauty in tragedy. Out of every tragedy that has ever occurred in an individual’s life, there has been beauty. Beauty in a lesson that was contrived or beauty in person, or people, who are brought into the life of the tragedy driven individual. This art work made me also think about how individuals put so much into material things instead of people. How we, as human beings, use people instead of material things. We love material Ibrahim 4
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things instead of people. It is crazy because when those material things we love are gone, what do we have? Those people we used won’t be there because we chose to have a relationship with those material things. I think that was one of the visual concepts Allison Hyde was hoping her audience would contrive from viewing her stupendous art work Ibrahim 5
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