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Because he feels like he never really settled down he

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found a solid group of friends that he could trust after that. Because he feels like he never really settled down, he likes to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. He has gotten so good at deflecting personal questions and turing the conversation back to you instead. If we or he is going through a hard time, I have to make sure to sit him down and not let him leave until he gets whatever is bothering him off his chest. Because of his tight-mouthed nature, I sometimes feel uncomfortable complaining to him about my life (which I tend to do a lot) because I think I am burdening him with my problems. I am usually the one who brings up an issue I think we need to talk about or continues asking questions until I get an satisfactory answer. Fortunately, we have been together long enough that he trusts me and has started to open up. But it can be very difficult to keep a relationship with someone who does not want to talk to you. I have some friends that are horrible at actually talking about themselves, but they can sit down and write out what they are feeling. They might do this in a journal, or possibly in a passive-aggressive email to whomever made them upset. Some forms of this can be healthy, while others can lead to more problems. Journaling and blogging are good forms of writing about feelings, as long as you are careful what you make public. Tweeting or Facebooking about the people you are mad at is less helpful and can cause problems between you and those people. I know this from experience. I find it much more satisfying and morally correct to go find the person you have a problem with and have it out with them instead of blowing the argument up publicly over the internet. In order to have a real relationship with some, be it a friend or partner,
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Because he feels like he never really settled down he likes...

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