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9 what advice would you give to someone interested in

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9. What advice would you give to someone interested in this career? Mr. Menkes advice to me is to not allow myself to get stressed out. It will all get done eventually. Burn out tends to happen quickly in this industry because of an inability to be able to let things go. We are all only human. We can only do so much. Delegate, delegate, delegate.
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10. With regard to building a professional network, how necessary is a network?  What are  some ways to go about building that network? Building a professional network is huge in this career. Things change all the time so there is always something you don’t know. Building a network allows you to ask questions, get staffing help or even to borrow product, fixtures and shelving from other stores. Every store runs better when everyone works together. Building a large network can be easy. Simply by reaching out to other stores and their managers and allowing them to reach out to you and your store adds to that network. Store managers have conference calls two to three times a week so everyone gets to know everyone else. Also once a month they have a regional meeting to attend in person. The more personable you are with everyone the more they are willing to help. 11. Compose at least one question of your own (include your question and the response you  receive in the gray box below). What is your favorite part of your career?  Mr. Menke doesn’t have a specific favorite part of his career. What he likes most however is the ability to do something different every day. Situations and store requirements and store conditions can change quickly. He never knows what he is walking into until he actually arrives. The one thing he can count on is that the day will be active. Sitting behind a desk all day, every day, just isn’t for him. Reflection : After reviewing your Interview with a Professional, write at least two detailed paragraphs   in which you respond to the following items: 
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Make sure to use the paragraph format we focused on in Unit 6:  Start with a topic  sentence, develop your ideas with supporting sentences/details, and end with a  concluding sentence. Why did you choose this candidate and how did you prepare for your interview  experience  ( minimum  ten  complete sentences ) What were some of the questions you asked yourself as you began planning and  preparing for this interview experience? How does your candidate’s position relate to your personal career interests? How did you prepare for the interview experience? Why were you curious about question #11 (your own question) and what did you  think of the response you received?
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9 What advice would you give to someone interested in this...

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