2 z n 2 15 1 example an ant is climbing a coffee mug

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2 z n = = -2 -1.5 1 Example An ant is climbing a coffee mug in a microwave oven. Assume that the μ wave radiation consists of plane Assume that the μ-wave radiation consists of plane waves incident from above and that the floor of the oven is metal. The frequency is 2.45 GHz Microwave oven ant metal How high from the base should the ant climb to id tti b t ? ©AGK 2005 ECSE 352 3.1-18 avoid getting burnt ? “I wish I’d learned how to calculate reflection coefficients during my Harvard MBA…” Example: Reflection from glass The refractive index of glass n =1.5 at visible wavelengths. What is the reflection coefficient, transmission coefficient and standing wave ratio for transmission from air to glass ? What are these values from glass to air ? ©AGK 2005 ECSE 352 3.1-20
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