Choose the option which you think is the correct most

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question (options 1 to 4). Choose the option which you think is the correct (most appropriate) one. In other words, if you think that statement 4 in question 1 is correct, then you select option 4 next to the appropriate question number (in this case it is question 1) on the mark-reading sheet. Assignment 01 for semester 01 (Study units 1 to 3) Due date Unique number 3 March 2010 326237 This assignment comprises 20 multiple-choice questions. You need to use the official Unisa mark-reading sheet when submitting this assignment or you may submit it via the my Unisa system. Follow the instructions on how to use and complete mark-reading sheets in the Your service guide @ Unisa . To register for my Unisa, go to the Unisa website at , click on my Unisa and follow the instructions. Ensure that you answer all the questions and that your numbering is correct. 1 _____________________ are most likely to seek lower labour costs. 1 Shareholders 2 Employees 3 Managers 4 Governments 2 The purpose of compensation objectives is to ________________________. 1 provide pay-for performance systems 2 allow for annual across-the-board increases 3 guide the design of the compensation system 4 allow for an increase in salaries when employees’ skills levels increase NOTE THAT ASSIGNMENT 01 WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU BY UNISA, UNMARKED, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE MARK- READING SHEET CORRECTLY. REFER TO THE YOUR SERVICE GUIDE @ UNISA TO AVOID DISSAPPOINTMENT. IF THE ASSIGNMENT IS RETURNED UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE EXAMINATION. You have to submit assignment 01 to be admitted to the examination. The mark obtained for assignment 01 will contribute 5% towards your final mark for this module. Submit this assignment if you are registered for the first semester .
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20 3 Employees may be remunerated in various forms. These include: Choose the correct option below which reflects the correct words missing in the model above: 1 (a) benefits, (b) relational returns, (c) allowances, (d) learning objectives and (e) short-term incentives 2 (a) allowances, (b) benefits, (c) relational returns, (d) short-term incentives, and (e) learning objectives 3 (a) relational returns, (b) learning objectives, (c) short-term incentives, (d) benefits, and (e) allowances 4 (a) relational returns, (b) benefits, (c) short-term incentives, (d) allowances, and (e) learning