Boston Massacre a The peaceful arrival of troops in Boston aroused American

Boston massacre a the peaceful arrival of troops in

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5. Boston "Massacre" a. The peaceful arrival of troops in Boston aroused American resistance. Colonials feared standing armies and believed Britain sought to suppress colonial liberties. b. On March 5, 1770 British soldiers (having been provoked) fired on a crowd. Eleven civilians were killed or wounded. Crispus Attucks, a mulatto merchant seaman, was the "first to die in the revolution," and was the alleged leader of the unruly mob. Word of the "massacre" spread throughout the colonies (especially by the Sons of Liberty). oColonial propaganda grossly exaggerated the event. 6. The Townshend Acts were repealed. a. Lord North, bowing to pressure, got Parliament to repeal the act in 1770. Nonimportation agreements were pinching British manufacturers. The three-pence tax on tea remained to demonstrate Parliament's right to tax. o The taxed tea still cost less than smuggled tea. b. Half of the troops in Boston were removed. c. Until 1773, relations improved after the Townshend Acts were repealed. 7. Committees of Correspondence
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