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Self - Evaluation 2

The second argument can be structured as follows 1

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alone induces people to commit spelling errors. The second argument can be structured as follows: (1) the computer is a communication tool that facilitates the exchange of ideas among individuals; (2) it is a tool which allows users to save and retrieve data in a very convenient manner; (3) hence, it is one of the most important innovations of the modern age. The argument is valid since there is a direct relationship between usage and convenience. The third argument states that technology has somehow reduced the social barriers which separate individuals and groups. Nowadays, people can always opt to learn different languages, or even go to different places without actually going (to those places). This is again a valid argument because technologies like the computer and the internet allow individuals to communicate thousands of miles apart. In a sense, it minimizes the cultural divide which pervade between and among different cultures.
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SELF-EVALUATION | 3 The last argument states that technology is often associated with the negative aspects of human existence: laziness, obesity, and lethargy. This is valid argument.
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