This is an account that this type of customer needs faster and smoother

This is an account that this type of customer needs

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prefer to the customer who are working as a sales man or business man. This is an account that this type of customer needs faster and smoother internet speed and unlimited call for making communication with their partners, customers and suppliers. After providing information and advice to the customers, the servicers will try to persuade their customers with their company’s benefits and compare their different service with others competitors like Maxis, Umobile, RedOne and so on. This is because sometimes they will provide sales promotion like extra Gb of data to their long-term ship customer in the weekend day. There has some motivation to show their customer for switching from other telecommunications service to the Celcom which are “Internet so fast, it’ll leave you breathless”, “Hello saving, goodbye big bills”, “4Gb coverage everywhere” and “deserve your deserve”. These motivations will encourage their customer interested to their services and make the payment immediately. After the customer make the payment transaction, the Celcom servicer will provide service delivery point in helping their customer to install the plan purchased and create identification of each customer and the last is educate their customer how to use and enjoy to their services. 7.0 Process 7.1 Celcom Axiata Berhad is a telecommunication company in Malaysia. First of all, the service delivery process is started when the customer request for the telecommunication service. Celcom will receive the service request and select the service package for the customer. The customers have to provide their information to Celcom. After that, Celcom will gather the information and perform customer information inquiry to ensure that the person is new or regular customer. If it is regular customer, Celcom will check for the address, service and resources availability of the customer. If three of these are not available, Celcom will notify customer. In contrast, if these information are available, Celcom will proceed to perform service portability and check the credit of customer. Lastly Celcom will consolidate the pre-order validation results for the customer.
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