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● Leav ing Early, Arriving Late: You might have a legitimate reason to leave early or arrive late. Just let me know, and follow up in an e-mail so I have a record when I do course grades. However, if you are late or leave early without good cause, you will be counted as absent for the class . Sexual Misconduct Policy and Reporting The University of Illinois is committed to combating sexual misconduct. As such, you should know that faculty and staff members are required to report any instances of sexual misconduct— which also includes dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking—to the University’s Title IX and Disability Office. What this means is that as your instructor, I am required to report any incidents of sexual misconduct that are directly reported to me, or of which I am somehow made aware. When a report is received, an individual with the Title IX and Disability Office reaches out to provide information about rights and options, including accommodations, support services, the campus disciplinary process, and law enforcement options. There is an exception to this reporting requirement about which you should be aware. A list of the designated University employees who, as counselors, confidential advisors, and medical professionals, do not have this reporting responsibility and can maintain confidentiality, can be found here: wecare.illinois.edu/resources/students/#confidential. Other information about resources and reporting is available here: wecare.illinois.edu. Office Hours: I promise to make myself readily available to you upon request. Please call (244-4092) or e-mail me for an appointment, and suggest times. Concluding Thought : My hope is that you will find this course among the most valuable in your professional education .
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