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DSST World Religion Notes

Li described using some form of the word ritual but

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Li - described using some form of the word ' ritual ' (but it has also been translated as ' customs ', ' etiquette ', ' morals ', and 'rules of proper behavior' Confucius did not worship Gods When Chinese civil service test first became Confucian? 136BC; Han Dynasty Which Confucian idea similar to golden rule? shu What according to Confusicuism one should perfect for relationships - li decline of chinese feudalism - The decline of feudalism in China took its course in the Chunqiu period. As feudalism went on in China the family ties became diluted the more dependent the ruler became on the combined strength of the vassals. Thus, the feudal system withered and finally collapsed five classics; Classics of:
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1. poetry 2. history 3. rites 4. changes 5. spring and autum annals Four books: 1. Great Learning 2. Doctrine of Mean 3. The Analects 4. Mencius filial piety - is one of the virtues to be held above all else: a respect for the parents and ancestors son of heaven - emperor What was the major principle of Confucianism? Jen Basic “Primitive” Religions – beliefs of prehistoric people and people of less developed areas of the world Cro-Magnon times – cave paintings, artifacts, carved figurines of human female form Native American Religion – purpose of rituals is to communicate and maintain good relationships with the spirit world Native American Taboos – women menstruating have special powers Totemism – recognizes a relationship between a certain kind of animal and can only be killed under specific ritual conditions Shaman - A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits , who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual , and practices divination and healing Vision Quest – one is sent away to live alone until a vision is received, includes several days of fasting Sun Dance – to find a vision and identification with the divine - practiced by Native American tribes of the plains, takes place in the summer around a ceremonial pole, Peyote – used the buttons of this plant for its powerful hallucinogenic effects, banned in 1990 Native Americans consider themselves Christians Polytheistic – worship a number of gods, most believe that the High God withdrew to a distant place and lesser gods oversee the day-today activity Ancestors – African religions, respect and concern for the dead is more important than their fear of the gods, China and Japan same. Ritual Circumcision – performed on boys and girls as puberty rites, sign of courage without pain killer Divination is a method of predicting the future and communicating with the sprits thru magic (African communities) Dreamtime – time before living memory (Australian Aboriginal religion) spirit ancestors traveled throughout the land giving shape and creating all living creatures, after death their spirit would return to their ancestors Oracle of Delphi – most important shrine in Greece (build in 1400 BC), built over a crack in earth with mind
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