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Another controversial issue that arises when

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Another controversial issue that arises when referring to social networking is the safety of the sites. Cyberbullying is considered to be one of the dangers of social networking sites where teens especially …[Harass] others by sending offensive or insulting messages through instant messaging, posting cruel gossip and rumors on social networking sites, sending embarrassing photos via cell phones, or impersonating someone online for the purpose of humiliation. As the use of the Internet and other technologies has increased, so has the use of these technologies to harass and bully others (“Cyberbullying Par 1). According to the article “Current Issue: Social Networking” by Peggy Parks, in “December 2008 report [...], cyberbullying poses the biggest online threat for young people” (Par 29). Probably one of the most fatal things about cyber bullying is that it extremely under the radar. Social networking were designed with the ease of danger, through passwords and protected program, users generally feel safe when networking. However, when the bullying occurs from within the networking sites, the attack can potentially be from anyone and anytime. The case worsens because the victim may not be aware of the attacks. These attacks in the form of posts and pictures may be spread within a matter of seconds, essentially ruining their lives. Since social networking sites are easily accessible, one can quickly open up an account to bully another through the sites. Imagine coming home from school one day, and finding out that there has been a website created of you for others to make fun of. That is what happened to a boy named David
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Knight; a website has been created for “others to join in, posting lewd, sexual comments and smearing David's reputation” (Leishman Par 8). He was “teased, taunted and punched for years” (Leishman Par 1). Without a question, Knight was not the only teenager that has to go through these unbearable days, “the University of California–Los Angeles revealed that nearly 3 out of 4 teenagers had been bullied online at least once during a 12-month period” (Parks Par 29). Lucky enough David was able to recover from his bullied days, in some others cases; it can reach to a point where cyberbullying is intolerable that the victim would resort to suicide as a solution. Unlike Knight, ...Fifteen-year-old Audrie Pott killed herself last year after boys from her school sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious at a party, her family's attorney says, adding that photos of the assault were spread online (Khadaroo Par 3). With the easily accessible social network, anyone can become a target of Cyberbullying. The attack can happen within a blink of an eye and sometime prove to be very fatal. This has become a largely dangerous matter and it is our responsibility to maintain a safe environment for every social networking users. Sites such as Facebook and Myspace need a tighter security programs.
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